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Hapimag shares - Advice, questions and tips about buying and selling

Important points to consider when buying Hapimag shares...

When buying shares for the first time or when purchasing further shares as a member, in your own interest, you should take the following points into account:

1 Always ask for an offer for Hapimag shares in writing so as not to be taken in by loss-leader offers by telephone or on the internet.

2 Always inquire about the final price of the Hapimag share including all related costs such as the annual contribution, processing charges, transfer charges, consulting fees and other additional expenses.

3 Never allow yourself to be placed under time pressure based on the idea "that this offer only applies here and now". It is also better to buy in Germany. Our low-price offers apply from 1st January to 31st December!

4 When buying Hapimag holiday shares, make sure you acquire them with as many residency points per share as possible because, later, you will only receive 60 points per share/year which does not allow you to have many holidays.

5 Owning Hapimag shares is not a matter of life or death and so you should never buy Hapimag shares on credit or as part of a savings plan.

6 Obtain comprehensive information about the Hapimag range of offers before purchase e.g. through a member of Hapimag in your circle of relatives and friends or through a Hapimag representative since we do not offer consulting services ourselves.

7 Discuss your requirements with us in confidence and we will make you the best offer possible.

Brief concluding comment:
8 Hapimag holidays are not cheap and it is good that this is the case. Hapimag holidaymakers are discerning people with high demands who are good at calculating. For this reason, members want to book good value holidays over a period of many years. The English language aptly reflects the situation with the phrase „good value for money" and good value means that you get your money's worth with a Hapimag holiday or, to put it another way, the price/performance ratio is right. If you like holidaying on the cheap then you should steer clear of Hapimag.

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