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Hapimag shares - Advice, questions and tips about buying and selling

Why you should decide on Hapimag shares

Hapimag shares have proven themselves for over 50 years and by far the great majority of members own shares. With shares you can take up the offer of Hapimag holidays at particularly

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What are Hapimag shares really worth?

Who could provide better information on the value of a share than the timesharing company itself? The Hapimag annual report of the respective year gives the "average" repurchasing price and the net asset value of the share.

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Important points to consider when buying Hapimag shares...

When buying shares for the first time or when purchasing further shares as a member, in your own interest, you should take the following points into account:

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New and "used" Hapimag shares

As everyone knows, shares are not subject to wear and tear in the same way as a car, for example, or other objects for everyday use.

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How can I sell my Hapimag shares?

Hapimag celebrated in 2013 the 50th. anniversary of the company. This demonstrates that the Hapimag holiday concept has proven itself and is used and appreciated by a large number of people.

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Buy Hapimag Residential Points at Low Cost

For every Hapimag product requiring a contribution i.e. shares, Holiday pass or Residential Plan for which you pay an annual subscribtion, you can acquire 60 residential points per year in addition. Attention: You are now allowed to buy 120 points instead of only 60 points! (01.April 2019)

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