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Hapimag shares - Advice, questions and tips about buying and selling

How can I sell my Hapimag shares?

Hapimag celebrates in 2023 the 60th. anniversary of the company. This demonstrates that the Hapimag holiday concept has proven itself and is used and appreciated by a large number of people.

A "disantvantage" however, is that the very first customers are now 70, 80 or even 90 years old and therefore, due to their age, because of illness or because the women have become widows, some are no longer able to or no longer wish to travel. Other reasons, too, which life brings with it, such as divorce, financial difficulties or changes in holiday habits lead to people parting with their Hapimag shares.

If you want to sell your Hapimag Shares, you have the following possibilities

1 The best solution is to pass on your shares to your children as an inheritance or as a gift so that they can use the Hapimag holiday apartments again for many years at low cost.

2 Repurchase of shares by Hapimag. Here the General terms and Conditiones of Business for your particular Hapimag product apply. (Hapimag A-share, B-share, Holiday share 21 or Insider lifetime share)

3 Hapimag mediating the sale of shares between you and parties interested in buying your shares.

4 Abandoning your Hapimag shares. You do not pay an annual subscription and then of course do not receive your annual credit points.

5 Swapping your Hapimag shares for a different points product in return for a supplementary payment.

6 Giving back your Hapimag shares in return for a certain number of points which you can then use up with holiday stays or can offer for sale.

Hapimag A-Aktie         

It is possible that some of the above offers from Hapimag are no longer available or only in a different form. If you would like to sell Hapimag shares, we recommend that you contact Hapimag in any event and obtain information about current offers in order to compare these and to make the right decision in your case. (Hapimag Free Info Line: 00800 30 30 80 80)

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